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Online Art Store - tips and help

Select your country for shipping

Once you have selected a product, eg a canvas, framed print or mug, make sure to select the country where you'd like delivery to. 


Before purchasing, please make sure you are happy with the image displayed on the product mock up, as this will be what is printed.

If necessary, you can crop using the slider. However it is advised not to crop too much, as this will reduce the quality of the image printed, and you will loose some of the beautiful photograph.

You can also drag the image left and right to centralise it.

Please watch the video to see how to crop. Once you have made a crop, the mock-up ( eg. mug) will refresh to show what will be printed.

When cropping, if you are fully zoomed out and there's any black background displayed in the crop area, don't worry as this black area will not be printed. What you see displayed on the mock-up will be printed.

More tips coming soon...

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